Looking for something different, then this is for you.  We will take the photo's and with technology convert the photo to a Techno Drawing - this will give a total new and different effect to your photos.

The end result will look like it had been scetched and will give a different dimention to your photos.

Please go to our Photo Gallery and look under Techno Drawings at some of these photo's.

We can also bring this to your school, arts and crafts markets, creche's etc.  This is a 15 minute process from the point where the photo was taken to the final product.

What we offer at these places is 2 A4 size Techno Drawing, one colour and one black and white for the prize of only R100-00 per set.

We also make sure that we have A4 frames available at these functions/markets so we can deliver the end product to the client right there and then without waiting days for your photos.

If you want to enlarge these - we unfortunatly are not able to print bigger than A4 size photos on the spot and for that we will take orders, and will deliver as per agreement between ourselves and the clients.

Try this - it is different and unique.

Invite us to your next arts and crafts markets, functions, school sports events etc.